About the Kodi Challenge Team

A course on algorithmics and parallel coding on an interactive floor with the Kodi Team app using mobile devices.

Available in the online store: https://store.motioncube.io/en/collection/kodi-challenge-team.

Application description in PDF for download (download).

The mobile app is available for download in the Google store: https://play.google.com.


The aim of the following study is to present a proposal for the scope of teaching algorithmics and parallel (concurrent) coding using the interactive application Kodi Challenge Team developed by LavaVision. The application is operated with a light pen on an interactive floor and touch on tablets.

Kodi Challenge Team is a parallel programming course on an interactive floor using tablets. The teaching program has been prepared for users from the age of 10, for primary and secondary school students.

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The Kodi Team course is a continuation and extension of the algorithmic game Kodi and the Secret Castle - a three-part coding and algorithmics course dedicated to programming constructs and sequential coding with one, two or three characters on the board. Therefore, the coding language in the Kodi Team application is the same as in Kodi and the Secret Castle.

Who is it for?

The algorithmics and parallel coding course Kodi Team is dedicated to students from the fourth grade of primary school. It can be used in various educational classes, especially in lessons dedicated to programming and solving algorithmic problems.

What goals does it achieve?

Kodi Team is an algorithmic game that introduces basic programming issues, develops and perfects the skills of constructing parallel algorithms in the field of:

  • navigating one hero on the board,
  • navigating two heroes in parallel,
  • applying collect and use actions,
  • strategic planning of actions in the game,
  • competing for resources on the board.

What does it contain?

Kodi Team is an interactive game consisting of a total of 120 levels - boards, designed for two players. Each player chooses a hero - Kodi or Gnome Brodka, for whom he will arrange the algorithms of behavior.

Levels are characterized by an increase in the degree of difficulty with each subsequent board. Raising the difficulty level may mean: a more complicated layout of the board, introducing a new mechanism in the game, additional obstacles on the route or all these elements at the same time.

There are two game modes available - competition or cooperation.

The boards are divided into 6 sets of games:

  • Mazes
  • Obstacle courses
  • Resource collection
  • River crossing
  • Capturing the opponent's base
  • Ghost tracking

Active support for child development

Working with the Kodi Team application, you can shape:

  • visual perception;
  • development of spatial orientation;
  • visual-motor coordination;
  • memory and concentration of attention;
  • the ability to classify objects;
  • the ability to create command sequences controlling one or two objects;
  • parallel programming skills;
  • the ability to solve algorithmic problems;
  • strategic thinking;
  • the ability to cooperate in a group;
  • the ability to act under stress.