Frequently Asked Questions

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General information

Motioncube is a platform supporting the distribution of digital content (applications, templates, multimedia files, etc.) to various interactive devices such as: interactive floors/tables/walls/interactive boards. The basic elements of the Motioncube platform are the Motioncube Player and the online store available at
Motioncube can be used by anyone, both private individuals and companies and institutions. There are two basic usage scenarios. In the first scenario, an advanced user (e.g. designer or developer) or a business user (advertising agency, multimedia integrator, etc.) uses the Motioncube platform to configure the device for interactive play and deliver interactive content to its users. In the second scenario, the end user (teacher, guardian) uses a ready-made device and runs interactive applications for his/her students.

In terms of software, yes. Motioncube is a complete platform - it provides Player with interactive modules, supports interactive devices and has a set of applications and templates for immediate use.

Remember, however, that software is not everything. Many applications (such as interactive floors) require dedicated equipment (including a projector or other display and a camera) and knowledge of how to connect individual elements (hardware, software, installation conditions).

Do you want to find out how to do it? Please visit our Help Center or contact your local media integrator to request implementation of the Motioncube platform.

Motioncube is a platform developed by the Polish company LavaVision, based in Kraków.

Do you have questions, comments, ideas for new applications or simply need help with Motioncube? Contact us using contact form.


It depends on the chosen form of order. By immediate payment at the time of ordering, the product is automatically added to your license and the invoice is sent by e-mail. If you choose an order with a pro forma invoice, please wait for the feedback with the pro forma invoice from the seller.
Both Motioncube Player and the account in the Motioncube Store are free. You pay nothing for trying the application. The purchase prices of the applications and collections are given in the app store in the product description.
Yes, you can. To run the application, you need a free Motioncube Player for Windows 10 and a free account in Motioncube.
  1. Just download Motioncube Player and run the installation.
  2. Once installed, click on the Start menu and start typing motioncube, then select Motioncube (this is your Player for Apps). Register in Player or log in using your Motioncube account details.
  3. In the Player, go to the Application store tab > Applications, select the application and click Try demo.
If you have any questions, please contact us.