Frequently Asked Questions

If you have doubts about choosing the right purchase method, see the frequently asked questions.

General information

Motioncube is a software platform supporting the distribution of digital content (applications, templates, multimedia files, etc.) to various interactive devices such as interactive floors / tables / walls and interactive boards. The basic elements of the Motioncube are the Motioncube Player and the online store available at

Motioncube can be used by anyone, both individuals and companies and institutions. There are two basic usage scenarios. In the first scenario, an advanced user (e.g. designer or developer) or a business user (advertising agency, multimedia integrator, etc.) uses the Motioncube to configure the device for interactive play and to deliver interactive content to its users.

In the second scenario, the end users (teacher, guardian) uses a ready-made device and runs interactive applications for their students.

In terms of software, yes. Motioncube is a complete platform - it provides Player and interaction modules; provides support for interactive devices and has a set of applications and templates for immediate use.

Remember, however, that software is not everything. Many applications (such as interactive floors) require dedicated equipment (including a projector or other display and a camera) and knowledge of how to connect individual elements (hardware, software, installation conditions).

Do you want to learn how to do it? Check out our guide at Help Center or contact your local multimedia integrator to implement Motioncube solutions.

Motioncube supports infrared and depth cameras, a detailed list of supported devices is available here:

Motioncube Player is available for download for Windows 10 or later for computers with 64bit architecture.

Motioncube supports multiple languages. The current status of language support is available here:

Motioncube is developed by the Polish company LavaVision, which is based in Krakow.

Do you have questions, comments, ideas for new applications or just need help with Motioncube? Contact us using contact form.

General requirements

Create an account on, then download Motioncube Player and activate the free license on your computer. More details can be found in the guide "Motioncube - Start for free".
Downloading and running applications available in the is possible using the Motioncube Player and for users logged in with Motioncube account.
No, because Motioncube Player does not support mobile devices. You can install the player on a computer with Windows 10 or newer.

Installed applications do not require the Internet to run them. The Internet is needed in the following situations:

  1. during installation and update of the Motioncube Player software,
  2. when activating and deactivating the license in Player,
  3. When logging into Player to your Motioncube account,
  4. to use the built-in app store: browse, install and run applications from the store,
  5. while updating already installed applications.
In other cases, an active Internet connection is not required.

Licensing model

No, the user license for Motioncube Player is free. When you launch and configure Motioncube Player on a computer for the first time, you generate a new license and activate it on that device.
No, users of one computer (device) share the same license. Motioncube Player is licensed per device.
No, it is not possible. Once the license is activated on a given device, the license is assigned to that device until the license is deactivated on this device. You can later use this license on another device.
Yes, there is such a possibility. Just deactivate the license on one computer, and then you will be able to activate the same license on another computer. An Internet connection is required.

The user with a standard account does not have this option. Once generated, each license is permanently assigned to his Motioncube account.

This is not possible. All items purchased in the Motioncube store are permanently assigned to a given license.
No, Motioncube does not have a Player license subscription model.
All products purchased in the Motioncube Store under the Life Time Deal model do not require renewal. Products purchased via subscription require an annual renewal. The subscription model is an alternative option for purchasing the application and will be introduced to the offer shortly.

Shopping in the online store

The Motioncube store serves persons with legal personality, i.e. companies and institutions. The store issues VAT invoices for purchases made. At this moment, the store does not support transactions made by individuals. The buyer is obliged, depending on the country, to provide the Tax Identification Number or declare legal personality when making purchases.
Of course. The advantage of shopping independently in an online store is the ability to immediately have the application delivered to your device. Log in to your account. Select the application or application collection, click Buy and select the payment method convenient for you.
Yes, if you have a serial device, as the reseller is assigned to your device. You place your order through our store and you will receive a pro forma invoice from the seller of your device. During the purchase process, select Order as your payment method.
This depends on the payment method you choose. By choosing immediate payment in the store when placing an order, the product is automatically added to your license and the invoice is sent by e-mail. You can install purchased applications by going to Notifications in Player.
If you select an order with a pro forma invoice (an option available only to customers of serial devices), you must wait for feedback with a pro forma invoice from the seller.
Both a Motioncube Player and a Motioncube store account are free. You don't pay anything to try the app. The purchase prices for applications, collections, and interaction modules are given in the store in the product description. Here is the pricing overview:
Yes. To run the app, you need the free Motioncube Player for Windows 10 and a free Motioncube store account. Everyone can try the apps regardless of their account profile (company or individual).
  1. Download the Motioncube Player and run the installer.
  2. Once installed, click on the Start menu and start typing motioncube, then select Motioncube (this is your Player for applications). Register in Player or log in using your Motioncube account details.
  3. Go to the Application store > Applications tab in the Player menu, select the app and click Try demo.
If you have a question contact us.