About the Kodi and the Secret Castle collection

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Application description in PDF for download (download).

The Kodi and the Secret Castle application collection is an advanced algorithm course divided into 3 parts: I- Basic algorithmic structures, II- Algorithm expansion, III- Complex algorithms and parallel programs. It consists of a total of 422 levels arranged in 25 thematic applications. Programming of heroes involves designing a sequence of heroes' movements from intuitive picture blocks. It is intended for individual and team work for people from the age of 10.

General information

  • Available for devices: Interactive floor SmartFloor, interactive boards and personal computers
  • Type of control: Interactive pens on the floor

What does the collection contain?

The collection consists of twenty-five applications. Topics in the course: Navigation, iterative loops, nested and conditional loops, variables, functions without/with parameters, variables as value, state, action, If-Then(-Else) conditional instructions, sequential and concurrent programming. Each subsequent application is like another "algorithmic mystery" that students discover. As part of the challenges on the board, a number of original difficulties and actions needed to lead the main hero Kodi out of the castle have been prepared.

Main features include:

  1. Friendly interface - instructions as intuitive picture blocks.
  2. 422 individually designed boards to solve along with a set of selected instructions to use.
  3. Three heroes to program depending on the level of the game.
  4. Interesting plot, events, difficulties, various actions and the castle treasury, which needs to be filled with coins found in the castle.
  5. Tutorials allowing for independent learning of topics in the course.
  6. "0" boards, which explain new topics to players.
  7. Bubble-instructions, which friendly explain how to navigate the interface.

What goals does it achieve?

Introduction to the mysteries of algorithmics through play and fun! By programming the movements of heroes on boards, performing necessary actions and building increasingly complex structures, players gradually expand their competences in the field of designing sequential, as well as concurrent algorithms controlling objects. Mastering these skills will allow them to develop more efficiently and fully at further stages of education.

Active support for child development

By constructing algorithms with Kodi in the Castle of Secrets, you can shape:

  1. knowledge and understanding of basic programming structures;
  2. ability to create complex algorithms with nested structures;
  3. ability to control three heroes sequentially;
  4. ability to control three heroes concurrently;
  5. independent and creative problem solving;
  6. visual perception;
  7. recognition of layouts and patterns;
  8. algorithmic thinking;
  9. teamwork.

Additional materials for teachers

For the "Kodi and the Secret Castle" application collection, additional materials for teachers have been developed, which describe the scope of teaching, how to work in the application and present example lesson scenarios with applications. We invite you to inspiring reading in the following chapters. For teachers, there are also prepared solutions for all boards in the course, available after logging into the Motioncube account.