Run Lumicode

- Computer Virus -


The Coders do everything they can to keep their planet running smoothly. They do their tasks as best they can. However, the invasion of the Drakonids caused some Coders to stop working properly. They broke down and started executing the commands of the evil Drakonids, acting completely opposite to before. Instead of turning on - they turned off, instead of creating - they destroyed. All this is due to a virus they were infected with by the Drakonids. Healthy Coders still work correctly, but they need the help of someone who will replace the infected Coders in turning on the colorful LEDs, until the malfunctioning Coders are repaired.

Application Instructions

Coders write colorful lines of code every day and in this way delegate tasks to other inhabitants of the planet. Help them complete the code and light up the colorful LEDs by running around the board. But you have to be careful! Damaged Coders are like viruses that constantly erase the glowing LEDs. Hurry up and save the code!

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to the children about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • A virus that attacks a person causes the person to get sick and cannot perform all activities - then a doctor must examine us and prescribe medicines that will help us recover;
  • What can we do to avoid a virus?
  • Sometimes someone breaks the rules on the road and does not behave properly, they are then dangerous for other road users. Such a driver behaves like a virus in a computer. What safety rules do we follow as pedestrians to be safe?
  • The action of a computer virus can be compared to the malicious behavior of one person towards another, do you know such stories?
  • How can a computer virus get into our computer and how can we prevent or detect it?

What is a computer virus?

It is a computer program, malicious software, which can replicate and multiply, just like a virus in a human body. A computer virus exploits the operating system, applications, and private user information. To protect against it, follow the principle of limited trust on the internet and use antivirus programs that detect malicious software.