Release The Energy

- Reaction -


The Coders are attentive observers of life on their planet. Whenever something unexpected happens, they act quickly to restore order and proper communication. They do this using flashing lights. In some parts of the planet, the largest LEDs consume too much energy and interfere with the proper transmission of the signal. React as quickly as the Coders! They constantly monitor the course of events and act quickly. If the large light is disturbing, it must be turned off!

Application Instructions

The Coders constantly send various messages to each other. They do this using flashing lights. However, the largest LEDs take all the energy and interfere with the proper transmission of the signal. Turn off the flashing large light with a stomp and release energy for the small LEDs.

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to the children about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • Every time something unexpected happens, we want the situation to return to order.
  • When something falls to the ground, we pick it up.
  • When we dirty our clothes, we change them for clean ones.
  • When we dirty our hands, we wash them.
  • When our tooth hurts, we go to the dentist.
  • When dad has a headache, he takes medicine.
  • When we spill soup on the table, we wipe the stain.

Why do computers react to our commands?

The application reads the command and takes appropriate actions determined by the programmer. The computer reacts to our commands because it has been properly programmed. It knows what to do when we ask it for something.