Reconstruct The Planet

- Template, Pattern -


The attacks of the Drakonids cause destruction on the planet. The Coders must efficiently cope with the reconstruction of the destroyed parts to restore all systems to operation. Fortunately, the Coders left traces behind them. Thanks to this, they can be restored to their former places. These traces now serve as a pattern for them to solve the problem. The Coders cleverly thought this through, thanks to the marked traces their work is now faster and more effective. Help the Coders rebuild the planet and insert the appearing elements into the system according to the pattern.

Application Instructions

The invasion of the Drakonids caused part of the Coders' world to break down into small parts. Insert the appearing elements in the appropriate places, according to the shadow they left behind.

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to the children about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

Discuss situations in which we use a pattern, template:

  • when we want to cut out 10 identical stars, we draw one and cut it out, it will be our template for the next ones;
  • when we want to bake identical cookies, we use cookie cutters;
  • when arranging puzzles, we see a picture on the box, it is our pattern;
  • when an artist paints someone's portrait, they constantly observe the figure and try to reproduce it.

Are patterns needed in programming?

Programmers often use universal, proven solutions. In computer science, programming, many problems are repeated, so it is worth using already available ideas to solve the problem.