Mysterious Chars

- Characters, Symbols -


The secret of the Coders lies in the pairs of mysterious characters they store. Coders sometimes use them to create very important messages. However, no one has visited them in their dark warehouse for a long time. See how easily you can add some energy to them! Run around the board and take a look at what they look like. Maybe in the future, you will get to know them better, and even use them, writing your own games and important programs. Strain your eyes and get to work!

Application Instructions

Coders store special characters in a large warehouse, which they use to write very important messages. No one has looked there for a long time. Add some energy to the characters by running around the board!

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to the children about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • Discuss with students about non-verbal signs that we use in everyday life to convey something to someone. Ask what it means:
  • a smile, thumbs up, raised hand, lowered head, shaking hands with someone, shaking head from side to side, nodding head forward.
  • Also talk about sign language, which is used to communicate without using the hearing organ.
  • Discuss symbols represented by drawings, graphics: heart - e.g., paper or gingerbread, to express love, an arrow drawn with chalk on the ground - indicates the direction of the road in the game, all road signs regulating the way of moving on the roads, Hieroglyphs - the earliest type of writing.

How do programmers use symbols?

Programmers, when preparing programs, create source codes written using a sequence of various symbols, such as numbers, letters, special characters, which in turn make up the programming language. This source code is most often converted into binary form, which consists almost entirely of zeros and ones (we call this process in computer science compilation). The computer understands it perfectly, which is why it knows what we want to convey.