Lumi Brothers

- Uniqueness -


Some Coders are engaged in creating new systems that help the inhabitants of the planet in their daily work. Such systems consist of several selected Coders, forming together a well-coordinated special task team. Each of the Coders in the team has an assigned important function. However, in the world of Coders after the invasion of the Drakonids, mistakes happen. There are two identical Coders in the system - completely unnecessarily! It is enough that one performs its function, and the other can help in another team of Coders. In this group, his help is no longer needed. Help them and find two identical Coders in the system.

Application Instructions

In this part of the planet, new systems are being designed. Each Coder in the system has an important role assigned. However, mistakes happen and the system has duplicated Coders. Help the Coders and find two identical Coders in the system. Send them to the very top by jumping on them.

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to the children about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

For the world to work smoothly:

  • People perform different professions, thanks to which we can benefit from the work of various specialists? What professions do you know?
  • At home, we share duties according to what we like to do, everyone does something different: dad washes dishes, mom cooks, sister hangs laundry, and you?
  • Devices that help us in life also have their functions, after all, you can't fit everything into one machine. What devices do you know and how do they help us? (e.g., a car allows us to reach different places, a washing machine washes our clothes, a dishwasher washes dishes).

Why don't programmers repeat code fragments in a program?

Mainly because when writing a program, you should avoid problems resulting from errors made in the repeating code fragment. Repeating parts of the code are written once as a separate function - a mini program, which is called in the code when needed. It's also about saving time, because any change needs to be made only in one place, without the risk that the same error occurs elsewhere.