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- Parts -


On the Coders' planet, we can encounter colorful chains - these are parts of their code. They are used to transmit special messages. Each small part is important for the smooth communication of the Coders. It happens that messages are very complex, consisting of many carefully selected parts. The Coders constantly ensure that the information is complete and that no part of the message is omitted - only in this way can they ensure good communication. The Coders divide their messages into smaller pieces in order to be able to check them thoroughly, and then put them back together into one large whole. Clever, isn't it?

Application Instructions

On the Coders' planet you can sometimes find colored strings - these are parts of the code. They are used to send special messages. Run into the puzzle and see how weak the connections between them are. Return the pieces to their rightful place by tapping them.

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to the children about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • What is made up of smaller parts?
  • A cake can be divided into pieces, a puzzle is parts of a picture, a house is divided into different rooms, a series consists of episodes, a year has four seasons, a bicycle is made up of different parts.
  • What else can be divided, broken down into parts so that when put together again, you get the whole?

Why does breaking down into parts help in programming?

Computer programs are often very complex, they are made up of many parts. In order to work on its individual fragments, programmers divide the program into smaller parts so that it is easier to analyze and check whether everything in it works well. In computer science, the process of dividing a program into parts is called decomposition.