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- Cause and Effect -


The Coders work together brilliantly. Their collective action always brings many benefits to the planet. However, the Drakonid invasion has caused a lot of confusion in their orderly world, and now it happens that the little Coders don't know what to do. For their mission to succeed, they must meet a very important condition. For energy to flow from one plug to another, the Coders must line up in a row with both plugs. If they don't do this, the energy won't flow - but if they line up in a row, the energy will flow again. Help the Coders line up next to each other between the plugs and make the energy flow.

Application Command

Coders can be moved, even if they are connected. Stomp on a Coder to move it up or down. When they are next to each other, they will connect. Check what happens when you line up all the Coders in a row at the energy plug.

Inspirations for conversation with children

Talk to the children about situations in life or examples from their immediate environment where they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • What conditions must be met beforehand for what we plan to happen? Let's think:
    • If you want to have vegetables in the garden, you must sow the seeds.
    • If you want to cook dinner, you must buy all the products.
    • If you want to have clean clothes, you must do the laundry.
    • If you want to fly by plane, you must buy airline tickets.
    • If you want to turn left in a computer game, you must press the appropriate button on the keyboard.
  • Ask the children what other examples they know?

What is the application of the cause-effect principle in programming?

This principle is otherwise called a condition and is an element of the programming language. Thanks to the conditional instruction, you can determine which step in the program will be performed in case of meeting the condition. This is how computers work, for example: if you double-click on the application icon, you will launch it; if you click on the 'x' symbol in the upper right corner of the window, you will close it.