Follow The Energy

- Action Plan -


The movement on the Coders' planet has been blocked. The energy that flowed between them is stopped by malicious blockades set up by the Drakonids. The energy will flow freely between the Coders again if we step by step remove all blockades. But how do we know which capsule to turn? Acting step by step, according to the adopted plan, we will track the flow of energy and check where the energy stops and cannot flow further. This way we will find out which colored capsule needs to be turned and thus release the trapped energy. Let's get to work!

Application Command

Energy flows between the Coders, allowing them to communicate. All segments of the path should be connected so that energy can flow freely. Stomp on the colored capsule to change its setting and allow the flow of energy.

Inspirations for conversation with children

Talk to the children about situations in life or examples from their immediate environment where they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • Preparing dishes, cakes according to the instructions, without skipping the next steps in preparing the dish;
  • Performing art works, e.g. folding origami, where maintaining the order of folds matters and affects the final effect;
  • Learning a dance arrangement, choreography - here too, it is important to perform certain steps in the correct order.

Why is it necessary to act according to a plan in programming?

When a programmer wants to check the correctness of the created algorithm, he runs it and checks its operation step by step, from beginning to end, according to the plan of all parts of the code. This is important in order not to miss any element in the algorithm and to accurately detect all possible faults.