Find the Bugs

- Checking -


The Coders communicate using colorful lights. However, sometimes a light of a different color than the rest unexpectedly appears in their communication. Something starts to break, the transmitted messages are not as they should be or they do not reach the designated place. But how can the Coders find out where and what broke? This needs to be checked! Continuous monitoring of the Coders' world allows them to catch various errors. The Coders usually handle checking their planet themselves, but after the attack of the Drakonids, it's hard for them to regain control over everything. In this case, they need your help in checking and catching bugs!

Application Command

The Coders communicate using a code of colored LEDs. However, sometimes an error creeps into their communication. Stomp on the LED whose color does not match the rest, so it does not disrupt the transmission of information!

Inspirations for conversation with children

Talk to the children about situations in life or examples from their immediate environment where they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • Situations in which we check the proper operation of equipment for our safety:
  • We check the car and its functions in the service once a year; before a bike trip, we check if the bikes are working; we check the skis before the start of the ski season.
  • We also check our health, we do control tests from time to time.
  • We check our teeth at the dentist, whether there are no cavities.
  • We control crops in the field, flowers in the pot, checking if no pests have appeared on them.
  • What else can be checked?

Why should programmers be inventive?

Programs solve certain problems, perform tasks. The source code of the program can be written in many ways. The programmer should be inventive, as he must look for the best solution to create a code that will make the program work quickly and correctly. Therefore, it is worth supporting creativity through learning programming or other games from childhood, also in kindergarten.