Catch The Lights

- Information -


The Coders are very hardworking. Every day they strive to keep order on their planet. They receive a lot of new information every day, which needs to be recorded in their database. They meticulously collect it, selecting only the data they need and placing it in the right places. These are important to them because thanks to them their world functions properly. Coders obtain information in several ways. Sometimes they help themselves in this work with special equipment, which transfers the captured information to the right place in the database. Today, you will help the Coders in recording new information! Choose the right ones!

Application Command

The Coders are constantly receiving new information, which they record in the planetary database. They fall on them unexpectedly, and keeping order is very important for the Coders. Transfer new information to the right places. Choose from the falling lights those colors that match the base on the left or right side by stomping.

Inspirations for conversation with children

Talk to the children about situations in life or examples from their immediate environment where they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • Children and adults sometimes need some additional information, we can ask another person who knows more than us;
  • When we talk to each other, we pass on information. What other ways of passing on information do you know?
  • How does the washing machine know which program to choose so as not to damage the fabric? We have to "tell" it, using buttons and knobs - in this way we give it instructions;
  • How does the car know which way to go? It's thanks to the steering wheel that we inform the car whether we want to turn left or right.

How does a person pass information to a computer?

Computers need information to know how to operate. They can be delivered and stored on the disk using devices such as a mouse, keyboard, scanner. When you type text using a keyboard, you are inputting information into the computer. This allows you to write computer programs. Information can be stored in the form of files on the computer, i.e. text documents, photos, movies. Large amounts of similar information are often stored in databases for easier management.