Build Connections

- Repetition -


Good relationships between Coders are very important. A large dose of energy flows in them. It happens that Coders perform several identical actions to achieve their intended goal. In this case, creating a connection requires repeating several stomps. Coders call such repeating movements loops. See, their energetic connections look just like connected loops! Now that everything is clear, choose the Coders and jump on them as many times as you need to draw the necessary loops and let the energy flow from Coder to Coder!

Application Command

Connections between Coders are very important. They must exist for energy to flow through them. Choose any Coders and jump on them as many times as you need to create the necessary connections and release the energy.

Inspirations for conversation with children

Talk to the children about situations in life or examples from their immediate environment where they apply or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • Sometimes to achieve our goal, we have to repeat the same movement many times.
  • How many rounds with a toothbrush do you need to have clean and shiny teeth?
  • How many times do you scoop soup with a spoon to eat everything from the plate?
  • How many times do you have to pedal a bike to get to the store?
  • How many steps will you take on a ladder to reach the very top?
  • How many steps will you take to get to the third floor?

How can you write repeating code elements differently?

Programmers, to speed up their work and shorten a long algorithm in which they repeat the same instruction many times in a row, use what is called an iterative loop. Thanks to it, they enable the execution of a sequence of instructions a certain number of times, sometimes until certain conditions occur or even indefinitely.