About the "Luminous Planet" Collection

Available in the online store: https://store.motioncube.io/en/collection/luminous-planet.

Application description in PDF for download (download).

The "Luminous Planet" application collection can supplement daily educational activities for preschool children, as well as corrective-compensatory, revalidation, and didactic-balancing classes. It can also make the time spent by children in school common rooms, educational institutions, institutions organizing children's free time, and additional activities more attractive. This set of applications is particularly intended for classes in the basics of programming for the youngest.

General information

  • Available for devices: SmartFloor interactive floor
  • Type of control: Interactive markers

What does the collection include?

The "Luminous Planet" collection consists of sixteen richly illustrated interactive games and logical puzzles. Each game begins with a short story about the Coders, which explains the purpose of the game to children and ends with a reward in the form of congratulations and applause. The applications have been designed to provide a dose of entertainment and movement that is an excellent variety of daily activities, while offering a friendly form of work on basic concepts related to computer science and programming. The applications are pleasantly soundtracked to further enhance the time children spend playing on the interactive floor.

All applications included in the collection are embedded in an interesting narrative. Coders are small robots that communicate with each other using a code of colorful lights. The flow of energy on their planet was disturbed by the Drakonids rain - a swarm of cosmic meteors. The applications contain various examples of how to help the Coders restore communication, which is very important for the proper functioning of their planet. The "Luminous Planet" collection applications have been adorned with graphics that received a nomination in 2020 in the Polish Graphics Design Awards in the Motion graphics - Interactive animation category.

What goals does it achieve?

The "Luminous Planet" collection is the first part of the original methodology of learning programming at the stage of early education of children, developed by the LavaVision team. In addition, the activities proposed in the "Luminous Planet" collection applications can support the development of gross motor skills, logical and algorithmic thinking. Fun with Coders can serve a purely entertaining function, but they can also be used as a background for conversations with children on topics related to the issues raised in the applications and relate them to situations from life that children may encounter.

The applications included in the collection aim to introduce preschool children to the world of selected programming concepts in an interesting, attractive form of games and fun. The games illustrate: action plan, collecting or organizing information, repeatability of activities, uniqueness of features, cause and effect relationship, ingenuity, cooperation, computer virus, checking and repairing, using templates, patterns, dividing the whole into smaller parts, reacting to events, recognizing signs, symbols, searching for necessary items.

The authors of the collection tried to respond to the developmental needs of preschool children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized safe games and fun.

Active support for child development

During fun with Coders, you can shape:

  1. Visual perception;
  2. Gross motor skills;
  3. The ability to concentrate attention;
  4. The ability to distinguish objects;
  5. The ability to recognize systems and patterns;
  6. Logical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  7. Understanding of basic concepts and terms from the field of programming.

Additional materials for teachers

For the "Luminous Planet" application collection, a methodological guide for preschool teachers has been developed, which will suggest to them how to conduct classes with children so that fun with Coders becomes a method of learning about interesting concepts from the world of programming. We invite you to an inspiring reading in the following chapters.