True or False

- Logical Value: True or False -


There's a lack of energy flow between the Coders. The Drakonids left blockades in many places during the invasion, effectively blocking the transmission of information. To allow energy to flow freely again, all the colorful gates need to be unblocked. But what's this? The Drakonids decided to make this task even more difficult for the Coders! These blockades are like small computers that need additional information to function properly. You need to assess whether the sentence written next to the blockade is true or false. Only by providing the correct answer will the blockade be removed and the energy will flow freely again. Enter the necessary information everywhere!

Application Instructions

There's a lack of energy flow between the Coders. Open all the colorful gates by solving logical puzzles. Indicate whether the given statement is true or false.

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to students about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they use or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • Sometimes during tests, teachers ask you to assess whether a sentence is true or false.
  • When we hear a rumor, we wonder whether the information is true or made up.
  • Sometimes the information given in the news in the media is false because it is based on a rumor or incomplete knowledge.
  • Scientific research brings many new conclusions, which we can consider to be true.
  • We assess clothing whether it is original, actually from the manufacturer, or is a so-called counterfeit.
  • We assess whether banknotes are real.
  • We assess whether the juice is real, freshly squeezed from fruits, or is a mixture of water and fruit concentrate.
  • We assess whether butter is real, or is a mixture of various fats and water.

What is a logical value?

It is a basic feature of a sentence determining its relation to facts. By assessing a sentence, we can indicate whether it is true or false. Computers use this principle in their operation, assuming that: true - means the sentence's compliance with the set of facts, assigned the sign "1", false - means the sentence's non-compliance with the set of facts, assigned the sign "0". Other values appear in other logic systems.