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- Communication -


Coder has a very important message to convey. Unfortunately, once again, communication between Coders has been severed after the Drakonid attack. Transmitting information is impossible. It is necessary to set a new path, thanks to which Coders will start communicating again. Communication is as important in the world of Coders as it is in ours. Transmitting information is the basis of their action, thanks to this they know what decisions to make, what tasks to carry out. To help Coders, go through the board and create a connection between two identical Coders - only two identical ones understand each other perfectly.

Application Instructions

Communication between Coders has been severed. Set a new path, thanks to which they will start communicating with each other again. Go through the board to create a connection between two identical Coders.

Conversation Inspirations with Children

Talk to students about known life situations or examples from their immediate environment in which they use or may encounter the concept mentioned:

  • We communicate in many different ways and use various devices available today. Someone sends a message, and someone else receives it.
  • A radio presenter conveys information, and the listener listens to it through a receiver. What other devices allow you to transmit voice messages? (television, phone, walkie-talkie, internet communicator e.g. Skype, Messenger, MS Teams)
  • How can we pass on written messages? What helps us with this? The post office delivers letters, emails and messages from messengers thanks to internet access, SMS thanks to the mobile network.
  • Can devices communicate with each other? What technologies do you know? (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DVI/HDMI cable to connect the monitor to the computer)
  • What other forms of communication do you know? (non-verbal communication, using gestures).

What does the communication process on the internet look like?

Computer programs use communication protocols (e.g., HTTP for websites, POP3 for email) to communicate with each other over the Internet. The transmission of computer data is a complex process, so it has been divided into several stages, so-called layers, within which individual tasks related to data transmission are carried out, including establishing a connection, dividing data, encrypting, sending data, receiving, decrypting and assembling data, confirming receipt.