Luminous Puzzle

- Decomposition -


On the Coders' planet we can find colored strings - these are parts of their code. They are used to send special messages. Every small part is important for efficient communication between Coders. It happens that messages are very complex and consist of many precisely selected parts. Coders constantly ensure that the information is complete and that no parts are omitted - this is the only way to ensure a good message. Coders divide their messages into smaller pieces so that they can check them carefully and then put them back together into one large whole. Smart, right? Fill the entire board with connections of colored diodes so as not to leave any empty spaces. Select a chain and tap it into the appropriate place.

Command to the application

Information processing systems were destroyed by the falling Draconids. Build them again, filling the entire board with connections of colored diodes so as not to leave any empty spaces. Select an element and tap it into the appropriate place. Thanks to you, new messages will reach the planet!

Inspirations for talking to children

Talk to students about life situations they know or examples from their close environment in which they use or may come across the term:

  • What does a car mechanic do to check where the fault is in the car? He disassembles the car into parts, checks the proper operation of each of them, and looks for faults in individual parts. Once everything is fixed, the car is reassembled.
  • What do we do when our computer breaks down? We take it to a service center where specialists look for the damaged part, replace or repair it, and then put the computer back together.
  • What to do when dad's favorite watch stops working? We will ask the watchmaker to replace or repair the faulty part and then put the watch back together.

Why does decomposition help in programming?

Computer programs are often very complex, consisting of many pieces of code - such smaller programs. To work efficiently on a system, programmers divide it into smaller parts. This facilitates working on the system and its maintenance, and in particular, fixing bugs.