The aim of this document is to present a possible scope of a coding and algorithmics teaching program using the interactive application "Kodi's Missions" developed by LavaVision, controlled by light pens on an interactive floor.

Kodi's Missions is a three-part programming and algorithmics course on an interactive floor. The teaching program has been prepared for users from the age of 10, for primary and secondary school students.

This document is primarily aimed at teachers and educators and contains key information related to the range of issues implemented using the Kodi's Missions application, the way of working with this tool, and the built-in programming language.

Program Objectives

  • Implementation of computer programming and algorithmic problem-solving content using an application on an interactive floor controlled by light pens.
  • Implementation of sequential and concurrent programming content, controlling one or more heroes using constructed algorithms,
  • Support of student activity shaping skills of using developing cognitive mental processes, such as logical, analytical, algorithmic thinking.
  • Stimulating planning and prediction skills, cause-and-effect thinking, abstract thinking.
  • Development of spatial orientation in the student.
  • Creating teaching conditions that allow learning through experimenting.
  • Supporting students' visual-motor coordination during organized safe activities.
  • Creating teaching conditions conducive to cooperation and developing students' social communication skills.

Assumptions and Limitations

In the Table Assumptions and Limitations, the criteria adopted for the developed curriculum are listed.

Table: Assumptions and Limitations

Parameter / Assumption / Limitation Value
Required reading skill in the student. YES
Age of students 10+ years
Required basic programming skill in the student NO
Visual programming language YES
Interaction with the application through LIGHT PENS YES
Recommended presence of a teacher during classes YES
Required specialist preparation of the teacher NO
Individual work with the student YES
Teacher's work with a group of students YES
Students working in pairs or groups YES
Possibility of the student using the interactive application independently YES
Possibility of the teacher adapting ready-made lesson scenarios to the needs of students YES
Possibility of developing new exercises - interactive boards - by the teacher or student YES
Prepared environment for interactive teaching (see Equipment and Software chapter) YES
One or more solutions for the task. YES
Work at a computer workstation NO

Equipment and Software

In the table Equipment and Software, the tools needed to prepare an interactive space for learning coding are described.

Table: Equipment and Software

Type of equipment or software Minimum quantity Name of equipment or software
Interactive floor with installed LavaVision - Motioncube software 1 device Option 1. SmartFloor - serial product on the Polish market
Option 2. Interactive device made to individual order
Interactive application dedicated for Motionube controlled by light pens on the interactive floor 1 application Kodi's Missions
Interactive pen 1 Light pen