Computer class scenario using the "SokoBot" application

Age group: primary school, grades 1-3

Duration of classes: 45 minutes

Achievements in line with the core curriculum for primary school, grades 1-3:

  • IT education: the student solves tasks, puzzles, and riddles leading to the discovery of algorithms; uses a computer or another digital device and external devices when performing a task; associates the operation of a computer or another digital device with the effects of working with software; cooperates with students, exchanges ideas and experiences with them, using technology.

General objectives:

  • developing analytical skills,
  • shaping spatial orientation,
  • stimulating planning and forecasting skills,
  • developing understanding of code structure and syntax.

Operational objectives, the student:

  • plans their actions, checks their effect,
  • solves logical puzzles,
  • cooperates in pairs or teams,
  • can program a path using verbal messages and symbols.

Course of classes

  1. Invite students to play "Feather Race". Organize a short slalom in the room built from pencil cases, books - objects that will have to be bypassed. Determine the start, finish, and route, and give your students tubes and feathers. Divide the class into two teams. Pay attention to the way of leading the feather through the slalom. The student with the tube must always have a place to stand "behind the feather". Only then will he be able to blow on the feather. Remind students about the rules of fair play.

  2. Launch the "Robotic Warehouse" application on the selected device.

  3. Explain to the students that Dot Bot must get all the blocks to the places marked with yellow dots. Dot Bot can only move the selected block when there is space around it to move. Walls block the possibility of movement. Encourage students to successively move on to the next boards.

  4. You can divide the students into several groups (depending on the size of the class). Divide Dot Bot's path into stages, let a different group be responsible for writing the code for each of them. Incorrect lines of code can be deleted using the cross in the lower right corner of the block. Encourage students to successively move on to the next boards.