Dot Bot is a small robot living in a world of mazes and logical puzzles. The success of his mission depends on proper programming. Dot Bot needs instructions to reach the designated goal and fulfill all the conditions in the tasks. Thanks to this, the games and activities included in the Dot Bot collection enable the implementation of programming content and problem-solving using a computer and other digital devices, resulting from the core curriculum for primary school. For several years, early school education teachers have been implementing programming content in the field of IT education in Polish schools using various tools. Dot Bot is another proposal enabling their introduction using an interactive floor controlled with light pens.

The applications included in the collection can support a child's activity shaping the ability to use developing cognitive mental processes, such as logical thinking, cause-and-effect, algorithmic. These are important thought processes that are stimulated during play with Dot Bot using puzzles and logic games. In addition, they are a great fun for children, during which they control a robot on the board, indicating its path using arrows and performing various tasks at the same time. Students can test the arranged algorithm during play and track its execution step by step. The proposed games and activities are based on basic programming concepts, i.e. algorithm, loop, sequence, creating an excellent environment for their recognition and understanding at the younger school age stage. Working with the Dot Bot collection applications can shape the knowledge of basic programming concepts, analytical skills, planning and forecasting skills, and visual perception.

The Dot Bot collection allows for the implementation of programming content from the early school stage in an interesting and attractive way. The ergonomic interface of games and exercises makes their use intuitive and simple. Our applications have been tested by children and teachers.

On the following pages of the guide, you will find sample computer class scenarios using the Dot Bot collection applications.

Meet Dot Bot!