About the Dot Bot Collection

Available in the online store: https://store.motioncube.io/en/collection/dot-bot.

Application description in PDF for download (download).

The "Dot Bot" application collection can complement daily educational activities for preschool, early school, and school-age children, as well as corrective-compensatory, revalidation, and didactic-balancing activities. It can also make the time spent by children in school clubs, educational institutions, institutions organizing children's free time, additional activities more attractive.

General Information

  • Available for devices: SmartFloor interactive floor
  • Type of control: Interactive markers

What does the collection include?

The Dot Bot collection includes five interactive games, consisting of many levels. Each exercise begins with a short instruction written in English. The student controls a virtual robot on the board, indicating its path with arrows and performing various tasks at the same time. The student can test the arranged algorithm during the game and follow its execution step by step.

The proposed games and activities are based on basic programming concepts such as algorithm, loop, sequence, creating an excellent environment for their recognition and understanding at the younger school stage.

What objectives does it achieve?

The collection can support the child's activity, shaping the ability to use developing mental cognitive processes such as logical thinking, cause-and-effect, algorithmic. Games and activities included in the collection enable the implementation of content in the field of programming and problem-solving using a computer and other digital devices resulting from the records of the core curriculum for primary school.

The authors of the collection tried to respond to the developmental needs of school-age and early school-age children, focusing primarily on supporting motor and sensory skills during organized safe games.

Active support for child development

By controlling the Dot Bot on the board, you can shape:

  1. visual perception;
  2. visual-motor coordination;
  3. spatial orientation;
  4. logical and algorithmic thinking;
  5. cause-and-effect thinking;
  6. understanding of basic programming concepts.

Additional materials for teachers

For the "Dot Bot" application collection, computer lesson scenarios for primary school teachers have been developed, which describe how to conduct classes with children, combining learning with play. We invite you to an inspiring reading in the following chapters.