Methodological Introduction

For children aged: preschool, early school

Collection: Code with Ava - Interactive Coding Boards

Type of interaction: Light Markers

The inhabitants of the Gardener's Planet are engaged in growing plants. Thanks to them, there is no shortage of food in the Funn Galaxy. However, this year autumn came earlier, and not all crops are in the granary. Ava's mission is to collect all the flowers and ripe vegetables and fruits so that no one's stomach rumbles throughout the winter.

Applications from the Route Determination section are associated with coding using blocks with arrows. This is the most commonly used type of coding games at the stage of early child education. The child's further adventure with programming depends on the ability to understand and arrange arrows. Thanks to arrows, we can determine the direction in which the robot or the character on the monitor screen should move. Exercises of this type are necessary to introduce the child to work in a selected programming language. Creating and reading algorithms recorded using a sequence of blocks with arrows supports logical thinking and shapes spatial orientation. At this stage, you will introduce programming concepts such as loop and condition. In addition, the themes used in the Route Determination applications allow for the implementation of content from the field of natural education, related to recognizing popular plant species.

In the Route Determination applications, we have used a user-friendly user panel, which contains functions helpful in working with the board. You will find their description on the following pages of the guide.