Methodological Introduction

For children aged: preschool, early school

Collection: Code with Ava - Interactive Coding Boards

Type of interaction: Light Markers

On the Planet of the Wild West, Ava serves as a sheriff. She ensures peace in the streets of towns and that cosmic visitors from other planets do not commit crimes. Ava must face the challenges of a law enforcer and find ways to navigate mazes.

Applications from the Maze section continue the adventures in route determination using blocks with arrows. Additional elements appearing on the boards are maze walls. Their application limits the number of possible paths to follow, which gradually increases the level of difficulty within the application. They pose the greatest challenge when additional conditions must be met, such as "pass through the field" or "avoid the field", where elements necessary or dangerous for Ava are located. Working with applications from the Maze section, you will shape logical, algorithmic thinking, having the opportunity to adjust the level of difficulty to the needs of your students. To create command sequences for Ava moving in the maze, you can use blocks with a loop when your students understand their principle of operation and are ready to shorten the algorithm with their help. Coding in mazes is an interesting proposition, which particularly translates into children's interest in applications from this section.

In the Maze section applications, we have implemented a user-friendly user panel that contains functions helpful in working with the board. You will find their description on the following pages of the guide.