Decode words

For children aged: preschool, early school

Collection: Code with Ava - Interactive Coding Boards

Type of interaction: Light Markers

Difficulty Level

Differentiation of difficulty level according to: board size (3×3, 6×6, 10×10). Boards arranged according to the order of introducing letters used in textbooks for grade I.

board size letters


Achievements in accordance with the records of the core curriculum for primary school, grades I-III

Computer science education: the student solves tasks, puzzles, and riddles leading to the discovery of algorithms; uses a computer or other digital device and external devices to perform a task; associates the operation of a computer or other digital device with the effects of working with software; cooperates with students, exchanges ideas and experiences with them, using technology.

General Objectives

  • improving spatial orientation,
  • developing reading skills, systematic familiarization with letters.

Operational Objectives, Student

  • recognizes and reads all letters of the alphabet,
  • decodes the route recorded with blocks with directional arrows,
  • performs auditory synthesis of words,
  • determines directions and establishes the position of objects in relation to oneself, as well as in relation to other objects, distinguishes the left and right side,
  • uses the concepts: vertical, horizontal.

Description of work with the application

Launch the "Decode the Encoded Word" application. Tell the students that the Planet of Librarians is famous for its vast Archive. It contains all the encoded words that the inhabitants of the Galaxy Funn use to communicate with each other. For everything to work smoothly, each word must have an assigned code. Ava organizes words along with their codes. However, many words need to be found so they can be made available to other inhabitants of the Galaxy Funn. Choose the board size suitable for your students. Follow the code arranged with blocks with arrows and read the word that has been lost on the board!


Follow the code arranged with blocks with arrows and read the word that has been lost on the board!