Methodological Introduction

For children aged: preschool, early school

Collection: Code with Ava - Interactive Coding Boards

Type of interaction: Light Markers

On the Planet of Artists, work is in full swing. It is from here that all the inhabitants of the Funn Galaxy receive works of art in the form of paintings, mosaics, patterned fabrics. They decorate their cozy homes. Sometimes, however, there are a lot of orders and that's why Ava the Artist needs help to ensure that all orders from the inhabitants of the Funn Galaxy reach them on time.

Applications from the Graphic Coding section focus on games in which the main element appearing on the board are colorful pixels. The proposed tasks are related to applying colors to the boards, according to the accepted criterion. The applications use patterns that require continuation or completion. The use of such tasks aims to support the development of visual-motor coordination, visual perception, and shaping spatial orientation. The images have been encoded using coordinates, which after reading and applying to the boards will create an illustration. The use of the coordinate system was also applied in the reverse situation, where the colorful fields creating the picture require description. This will be a great opportunity to introduce the concept of a coordinate system at the early stages of education. We also remembered to support children's creativity and ingenuity. We included a free application in the section, in which children can independently create patterns and compose colorful illustrations, thereby developing their creativity.

In the applications from the Graphic Coding section, we used a user-friendly user panel, which contains functions helpful in working with the board. You will find their description on the following pages of the guide.