Scenario 1 for "Maze" gameplay - competition mode

Gameplay description

The challenge for players is to get to the other side of the maze. The player who does this first wins. To do this, players must make difficult and risky decisions. One wrong decision can result in the interruption of the algorithm, but if players do not take the risk and choose the safest path, it may turn out that the opponent will reach the goal faster.

Board: Kodi's Team - Level 6

In this level of the game, players have 3 mechanisms at their disposal to make each other's work difficult and the possibility of interrupting the opponent's code.

  1. A trap activated remotely by a lever and the Press action. Players have the opportunity to activate an electric trap on the opponent's route. Traps are always on the shorter path, so there is a probability that the opponent will enter it. However, the buttons activating this obstacle are always in a place that requires us to extend our algorithm.
  2. Open teleports can also be closed using buttons. Close the teleport to the other player, and if you are lucky, you will spoil the execution of his code and freely reach the goal, winning the game.
  3. The only place where the players' mazes meet is blocked by a rock. The player can block the opponent's path using the Push action. Before this happens, the player must plan how to get to this place before the rival. Of course, there is a risk that the opponent will anticipate this move.

Example solutions

Solution no. 1:

The above example implements a safe approach to gameplay. Avoiding both the trap and the teleport. The only action is activating the trap on the opponent's route. Such a solution can ensure victory only if the opponent is tempted by the shorter route and enters the trap we have activated, otherwise, we may simply reach the goal too late to win.

Solution no. 2:

The approach shown in the second example shows the fastest way to the goal. The risk of falling into an electric trap and that the opponent will close the teleport we want to go through is taken here. This solution can be modified and it will still be a quick arrival at the goal, but it will give us more security. If the player bypassed the electric trap, he would still have a chance to use the teleport assuming that the opponent would first go to activate the trap and then close the teleport.

The above two example solutions have been developed for the blue hero Kodi, but they will find their reflection and application also during the game with the second hero "Elf". The boards are constructed in such a way as to give players equal chances of winning the board. If each player chooses the safest path to guarantee reaching the goal, the result of such a situation will be a draw - they will reach the goal at the same time. However, obstacles are set up in such a way that they can always be bypassed by extending the route and that their activation is possible earlier than the opponent is able to reach them.