Introduction to the Course

The parallel programming course Kodi's Team - client / server introduces students to concurrent programming and refines skills in constructing parallel algorithms.

On the game boards, we simultaneously control two heroes - the red Elf named Brodek and the blue Kodi; we perform various Actions, use Mechanisms available in the game on the boards. The gameplay involves two players who independently create their algorithms on additional devices - tablets. After arranging their algorithms, players send them within the Kodi's Team - client application to the so-called Game Master - the Kodi's Team - server application on the interactive floor, from where the code is run and we observe the movements of both heroes on the board.

Depending on the mode of operation - competition or cooperation - players must appropriately plan movements on the board, so as to: either be the first at the finish line, or reach the finish line simultaneously, helping each other along the way.

Players get to know the concept of clock cycle. Each action or movement on the board is one clock cycle. Depending on the task, the goal of the game, players design algorithms of the same or different lengths.

Scope of the Course

The course consists of 120 levels (boards), divided according to the type of gameplay (so-called missions) and the mode of operation - competition or cooperation of players.

In addition, the boards corresponding to the levels in the course are characterized by an increase in the degree of difficulty with each subsequent board. Raising the degree of difficulty may mean: a more complicated layout of the board, the introduction of a new mechanism on the board, or both at the same time.