Course Topics

Classic programming constructs used in the Kodie's Missions course, such as loops, functions, or conditional statements, are not available in the Kodie's Team course. There is no need to use them, as the boards are designed so that the players' algorithms are based on good planning of the order of moves and strategic actions to assist a teammate (in cooperation mode) or eliminate them from the board (in competition mode).

Cooperation Mode

In cooperation mode, players communicate with each other to correctly complete the mission (solve the board). Their algorithms must be of the same length if both heroes are to reach their destinations at the same time. Mutual assistance in performing tasks on the board is essential here.

Competition Mode

In competition mode, players do not communicate with each other. Each player independently predicts the opponent's moves and devises a plan to defeat them by reaching the destination faster than the opponent or eliminating the opponent from the game, for example by setting a trap.

Types of Games

The course has prepared tasks (boards) for six types of games:

  • Maze
  • Obstacle course
  • Resource collection
  • River crossing with bridge building
  • Capturing the opponent's base
  • Ghost - following the ghost's trail

Each type of game can take place in cooperation mode or competition mode, for which ten boards (levels) have been prepared - a total of 20 boards for each type of game.

The table below collects information about the types of games and their corresponding board levels.

Table: Kodie's Team - Topics and Levels

Type of Game Competition Mode (Levels) Cooperation Mode (Levels)
1 - Maze (Level 0-9) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to get to the other side of the maze. Players must decide whether they want to go the safe but longest path, or try to use a trap on the opponent to neutralize them, or initially go a longer way to get a key that opens a gate that ultimately shortens the path. The board is common, so players can also try to steal resources that the opponent might want to collect.
(Level 10-19) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to help each other, avoid obstacles and arrange such a path that both robots meet at the finish line at the same time (the same length of the path/algorithm).
2 - Obstacle Course (Level 20-29) (Boards 1-10)

Mode based on the Maze. The difference here is that the players go on separate tracks, so they can only interfere with each other by activating traps triggered by a lever.
(Level 30-39) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to help each other so that everyone reaches the goal.
3 - Resource Collection (Level 40-49) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to acquire as many resources as possible, while remembering about the limited energy supply. To choose the optimal path, players, while collecting resources, must pass through fields that charge the robot's energy.
(Level 50-59) (Boards 1-10)

The first player's goal is to collect as many resources as possible in such a way as to collect excess energy, which will charge the second player. Then the second player's code is executed. The final goal is to collect as many resources as possible.
4 - Crossing (Level 60-69) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to collect enough resources to build a bridge to get to the other side. By risking entering the opponent's part of the board, gaining more resources, players can collect additional points ($$) on the water.
(Level 70-79) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to collect resources and get to the other side. The difficulty is the limited energy of the robots, players will be able to pass only a limited number of fields.
5 - Capturing the Opponent's Base (Level 80-89) (Boards 1-10)

The main goal of the player is to get to the other side of the board. The one who does this first wins. At the same time, players have various obstacles at their disposal on the board, which they can use to block the other player's algorithm. They also have bombs (e.g., 3) at their disposal, which they can leave anywhere to eliminate the enemy.
(Level 90-99) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to reach the red player's finish line. To do this, the first player must free him. The difficulties that await the players are the limited energy of the robots (similar to the resource game) and traps, which additionally partially discharge it.
6 - Ghost (Level 100-109) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is to remember and repeat the ghost's path. The player who better replicates the path wins. At the beginning of the game, the ghost of the robot runs through the board, indicating the path that the players should replicate. Every code is correct - the solution counts the coverage of the code with the ghost's code.
(Level 110-119) (Boards 1-10)

The players' goal is similar to the competition mode - the best possible coverage of their own code with the ghost's code. However, in this mode, the ghost penetrates through walls, so solving the task alone is not possible.

Additional Game Mechanisms

All previous game mechanisms and actions on the boards available in Kodie and the Castle of Secrets are also present in Kodie's Team. Additionally, the following mechanisms have been introduced:

  • Trap activated remotely by the Press the lever action.
  • Robot energy mechanism (robot - hero on the board). Robots lose energy with each move, which they can collect on the board. The new Charge block allows you to transfer energy to another robot.
  • New item: Fishing Rod. It can be used on boxes floating in the water.
  • New mechanism (block) - Pass. It allows you to pass an item from the equipment to another player.
  • New block: Drop - leaves a bomb in the place of use, which can eliminate the opponent.
  • Ghost animation after clicking on the board.