Abbreviation / Concept Explanation / Definition
action Defined event / action of the hero on the board, such as Pick Up or Drop.
algorithm List of steps (sequence) needed to perform a task by the hero
application Interactive application Go Lumi!, otherwise game.
hero Virtual robot named Lumi, the hero of the Go Lumi! application
debugging The process of finding and removing errors in the algorithm.
function A sequence of instructions that can be defined once and called many times in the program.
game Interactive application Go Lumi!, otherwise application.
code Source code / program source code / sequence of instructions in the algorithm.
loop Iterative loop, in which we perform a sequence of instructions several times in a row.
marker Light marker / interactive marker, with which we operate the application on the interactive floor.
interactive floor Projection device displaying on the floor an interactive area, reacting to movement or light markers.
level Task / board / difficulty level in the Go Lumi! application
program An algorithm that has been encoded in something that can be run by a digital machine.
programming The process of creating a program.
robot Virtual hero in the Go Lumi! application
sequence List of instructions.
condition Instruction that is executed only under certain conditions.

The computer vocabulary has been explained more broadly in the chapter Course Scope. The table below presents the concepts and abbreviations used in the document.