About the "Go Lumi!" App

Available in the online store: https://store.motioncube.io/en/application/go-lumi.

Course description with lesson scenarios in PDF for download (download).

The "Go Lumi!" app is an interactive game for programming a virtual robot using intuitive picture blocks. Enjoyable lessons on the basics of algorithms with little Lumi.

  • 11 lessons: navigation, collecting and sorting items, conditional fields, loops, functions.
  • 110 levels to complete!
  • The game is suitable for work with a single user or a group.
  • Dedicated for children aged 7 and up.


General Information

  • Available for devices: interactive floors, interactive boards, and personal computers
  • Type of control: Light pens on a floor, touch or mouse

What does the app include?

This is an individually designed course consisting of a total of 110 interactive algorithmic exercises, divided into 10 lessons in the lesson scenario, during which we will learn to create and apply: sequence of instructions, simple conditional instruction, drag and drop method, loops, and functions.

The game boards consist of three elements: the robot's path, a place to arrange the algorithm, and a toolbox, from which the player selects the necessary instructions.

In addition, the app has explanations for the introduced techniques, a tutorial for players on how to use the toolbox, and short commands for each board.

What goals does it achieve?

Introduction to the world of programming through play. By controlling Lumi in the power plant rooms, students gradually expand their competencies in designing algorithms that control an object. The students' task is to propose a solution with the smallest number of instructions. Mastering these basics will allow them to develop more efficiently and fully at further stages of computer science education.

Active support for child development

Working with the Go Lumi! game, you can develop:

  1. Visual perception;
  2. Spatial orientation;
  3. Independent thinking;
  4. Ability to cooperate in a group;
  5. Understanding of basic algorithmic structures;
  6. Ability to create optimal sequences of object control commands.

Additional materials for teachers

For the Go Lumi! app, a methodological guide to the course along with lesson scenarios has been developed, which explains how to work in the app, the scope of teaching, and presents interesting methods of introducing new issues during lessons. We invite you to inspiring reading in the following chapters.