The first steps for a designer

Motioncube software

Motioncube is advanced software for interactive projection devices. It enables independent creation of interactive content tailored to the needs and requirements of users.

Motioncube Player

It allows you to configure the projection device to work in different spaces and provides interaction with applications.

Basic functions:

  • interactive floor creator,
  • camera autocalibration,
  • built-in store with applications and templates,
  • interact with apps through motion or IR pens,
  • dividing one interactive area into several,
  • Menu support from a mobile device.

Interactive applications

Motioncube allows you to interact with the app in several ways. Each application is assigned one way of interaction.

Responsive to Movement
A moving figure and its shadow trigger interaction on the board.

Infrared Pen Supported
You can use multiple IR pens at the same time for drawing, writing, and dot selection applications. This way of interaction is characterized by extraordinary precision.

With the use of remotely controlled vehicles
The applications react to the movement of a vehicle controlled by a remote control or a dedicated mobile application.

Supported on a mobile device
Tablet users record commands that are sent to an app visible on the interactive floor.

Hardware requirements

Check what you need to use the Motioncube on the interactive floor.

Refer to the Motioncube for Device Creators guide to select the optimal projector for your application.

Learn more about Motioncube IR Kit, providing all the ways to interact with applications on an interactive floor.

Install Motioncube Player and configure it for the selected projection device. The program supports the aforementioned ways of interacting with applications. In addition, it provides access to the Motioncube application store and templates that allow you to create interactive applications yourself.

Hardware installation methods

Select the location and mounting method of the interactive projector according to your needs. When using applications supported by IR pens, side projection is recommended. For motion-controlled applications, both central and lateral projection will work.

On the wall
The elements are mounted on the wall/shelf at a height of approx. 2m. Various variants of equipment installation: semi-open and built-in.

On a tripod
The projector and camera are mounted on a tripod at a height of approx. 2m. You can use a rollup to cover the tripod.

On the table
Variant for ceiling installation. Projection onto the table top instead of onto the floor. Hand interaction.

On a frame
Prepare the installation kit yourself or use the lighting ramp to mount the projector and camera.

For more information on configuring the working environment, see the Help for device designers in the Working environment section.

Ways to use the interface

Check what you need to operate the Motioncube Player interface on the floor.

Remote control
You can control the device and launch games using the remote control connected to the projection device.

Mobile App
You can control your device and run games using the Motioncube Mobile Control mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Keyboard and Mouse
You can control the device and run games with a mouse and keyboard connected to the projection device.

Camera calibration

Run automatic camera calibration after a device is mounted, relocated, or has interaction issues.

In Motioncube Player, go to the tab: Settings > Advanced > Camera Calibration.

  • Follow the instructions that appear.
  • Restart the application and check its reaction to movement.

If the application reacts incorrectly to the movement of a person, a moving robot or applying an IR pen, perform the camera auto-calibration.

Motioncube Player working mode

By default, Motioncube Player starts in application playback mode. In order to change the program's operating mode, go to the tab: Settings > Advanced > Operating modes.


Working mode description: In design mode, you have access to the Motioncube template base that allows you to design your own interactive applications and share them with other users.

This operating mode is recommended when operating the software from a computer.


Operating mode description: Playback mode shows only the necessary options needed to operate the device, purchase and play applications.

This mode of operation is recommended when operating the software directly on an interactive device.

View of the Motioncube Player interface


Interface: optimized for mouse and keyboard

Size of items: depends on screen resolution

Menu view: side view, always visible

Keyboard shortcuts: You can enable certain features and settings with keyboard shortcuts. To view available shortcuts, press CTRL+H.


Interface: adapted to remote control, mobile application and light pen

Elements size: specified and independent of resolution

Menu view: in the corner, collapsed

Keyboard shortcuts: not available

Breakdown of the interaction area

Within a single projection, you can divide the interaction area and run several applications supported by IR pens at the same time.


Divide the projection space into several smaller areas. The number of available areas depends on the resolution of the projector.


Select an app display layout. The layout of the boards on the sides will work well in the case of projection on a table or for more users.

Application and template store

Motioncube software has a built-in store with interactive applications and application templates.

In the Motioncube Store you will find dozens of interactive application templates and hundreds of games and entertainment and educational applications for various age groups.

You can try app and theme demos on your device. You can make a purchase directly from the device as well as in the online store.

View the Motioncube online app store:


Application design

The software allows you to independently create games and applications based on Motioncube application templates.

In Motioncube Player, go to
App Store > App Templates

Check out how each Motioncube template works.

Create your own application based on the template.

Upload the application to the server, then go to your Motioncube store account at <>.

Buy the selected template. Launch and start editing it.

Add your own graphics, texts and application icon.

Go to the My Apps tab in your account panel. Share the created application with other users.

Application template editor

Enter your own content and create an application in a few minutes!


Enter the basic data for your application: name, short description and graphic icon. Save the application to the desired location.


Start editing the created application. Give it a new look by placing your own backgrounds, graphics, effects and sounds.


Enable selected additional screens in your application. You can change the appearance of each of them according to your needs.

In the Editor, you can preview changes to the application in real time and launch fullscreen gaming.