Motioncube IR-Kit

The Motioncube IR-Kit is a carefully designed set of electronic components that allows you to create interactive devices compatible with Motioncube technology.


Motioncube IR-Kit is currently available to order. See for more information on availability Motioncube IR-Kit.

If you don't want to wait for the IR-Kit to be available for sale, you can now use the Motioncube on a simplified version of the interactive device. Please refer to the Motion-controlled interactive floor.

If, however, you want to quickly learn all the possibilities offered by Motioncube (i.e. all interaction techniques), consider purchasing Motioncube compatible devices available on the market (view available models).

Motioncube IR-Kit capabilities:

  • providing full support for the construction of a new generation interactive floor using the following interaction techniques:
    • movement interaction,
    • control of light points / IR pens,
  • automatic and precise calibration of all interactive modules.

The Motioncube IR-Kit consists of the following components:

  • driver board that manages the operation of all components and provides power to them,
  • IR illuminator (diodes with a wide beam angle; variant with 4, 6, 8 diodes),
  • fan ensuring heat dissipation from the IR plate,
  • visible light sensor,
  • infrared light sensor,
  • 1 or 2 cameras (depending on the variant) operated via a built-in USB hub (hub available in selected variants of the device),
  • optical filter switches,
  • controller and connectors for controlling additional devices (such as a projector) using UART or RS232 protocols (depending on the variant),
  • built-in thermometer informing about the temperature of the board with LED diodes,
  • debug connector.

All infrared components operate in the 850nm wavelength of light.

Licensing restrictions

The Motioncube IR-Kit as a whole and its individual components may only be used with the Motioncube Player software.

It is not allowed to use Motioncube IR-Kit with software other than Motioncube Player, in particular with software that provides the same functions or is used to prepare the same type of interactive effects.