Camera selection

The camera, apart from the projector, is a key element of the Motioncube interactive floor. However, not every type of camera is suitable for creating a working interactive floor.

Practical information on camera selection is provided below. More detailed information can be found in the section Camera Selection > Advanced.


For simplicity, in this section the various video source devices applicable to motion detection will be referred to as cameras or motion detectors.

Types of cameras

Cameras providing all ways to interact on an interactive floor (motion detection, IR light pen control, robot detection):

Cameras that allow you to make a simple interactive floor with motion interaction:

Cameras not recommended for interactive floors:

  • Classic webcams are not suitable for working with an interactive floor due to the physical blockage (in the form of an optical filter) of infrared light observation. Such cameras see the image projected by the projector, so their use could lead to automatic triggering of interaction (detection of a change in the image from the projector).