Water Ripples

Water Ripples template - get to know the recipe for the interactive fun!

Standard application appearance

Animation logic

The background of the application is an image above which you can see the surface of the water. The movement of the user creates a water ripple effect.

Template configuration

You need:

  • one background graphic

You can set:

  • rain effect
  • wave radius
  • wave speed
  • background music
  • additional screens

Advanced application operation parameters

Editing Effects:

  • rain effect - the effect of a falling raindrop on the water surface appears in random places,
  • wave velocity coefficient - wave effect propagation speed on the surface,
  • wave size factor - determines the convexity of the waves, enhancing the 3D effect of the wave.

Advanced settings available in the template:

  • rain intensity - determines the frequency of drops falling if the rain effect is turned on,
  • heaviness effect - the smaller the value, the faster and further the wave effect spreads,
  • time step - determines the intensity of water agitation during the interaction.

Additional screens available in the template

Within the Water Ripples template, you can add instruction, intro and start screen. You can use your own dedicated graphics for each screen and set parameters for texts, colours and backgrounds.

Details of screen editing can be found in the chapter Screens configuration.

Recommendations for your graphics and illustrations

Application icon

See chapter Creating an application.

App Background

See chapter Changing the graphics and parameters


The graphic objects in the template are only backgrounds, for which the standard recommendations for backgrounds should be applied.

Motioncube graphics available for use in templates

Use the ready database of Motioncube backgrounds and graphic objects. Import selected elements in the template and create an application.

Download graphics database

App appearance after changes

Ideas for using the Water Ripples template

Good to know

The more varied the background in the application, the more visible the effect of the moving water surface.

Fun and Education - Insert your favourite background and encourage children to creative movement fun on the water surface.

Events and Entertainment - Replace the default background in the template with a graphic with the slogan of your event.

Promotion and Advertising - Replace the default background in the template with graphics with the visual identification of the company or promoting a social campaign.