Configuring the screens

In the Step III tab, you can indicate additional screens that you want to show in the configured application.

Selecting/deselecting a given screen on the selection list turns it on/off in the application. After expanding the tab, settings configurable for the selected screen will appear.


The order of the list is consistent with the order in which the screens are displayed in the application.

The Instructions, Intro and Start screens are displayed one after the other before starting the game.

The Success screen announces to the users that they have scored a point, and the End screen displays the score of the game after a defined time or end of the game.


Depending on the template, some screens are enabled as recommended by default (e.g. the End screen for the Ball game template for presenting game scores).

The Instruction, Intro and Start screens are always available for your free decision to use them.

Success and End screens are available for selected templates, usually where there is a score.