Working with the Player

Motioncube Player is required to run Motioncube apps in both the PC and interactive whiteboard version as well as the interactive projection variant.

In case of the interactive projection, the Player requires interactive modules installed for playing the full versions of the interactive applications.

Interactive module enables the specified interaction technique. Depending on the application, the cost of the required module is added to the order when buying the first application.

Motioncube Player also allows you to work with application templates.

See the presentation of the possibilities of the Motioncube software on the home page in the Solutions > Motioncube Player section.

Motioncube Player requires a computer running Windows 10 or later to run. The Linux version (supported by Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04) is currently only available to partners creating serial devices with Motioncube.

To start working with Motioncube, follow the steps described in the following sections of the guide.