First run

*The process described below relates to a single Player installation. In the case of serial production devices, this process is automated and managed from the Motioncube account of a device creator type.

After launching Motioncube Player, you will go through the device activation process. This involves activating the free Motioncube license on a given device.

  1. Login in the Player with your Motioncube account.

  1. Select a software type.

The Interactive projection option will allow you to use all the features available for the projection device, i.e. selecting the interaction techniques, calibrating the camera, running interactive applications, creating your applications.

If you only want to use a personal computer and interactive whiteboard applications that are touch or mouse and keyboard supported, select the second option, 'Other devices'.

  1. Select operating mode.

The required device type for end-user application design and device configuration is Designing.

You can also choose from two views of the interface:

  • Advanced - facilitates configuration and design work on devices such as a computer, thanks to the interface adapted to work with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Simplified - allows you to see the final appearance of the interface and the scaling effect that the end user will see on an Interactive floor device.

In the next step, you will be asked about the features you plan to implement on your device (for available techniques for interacting with applications, read the Help for device designers > Motioncube interactive projection).


The options you choose on this screen affect the visibility of the features available in the program. It is not recommended to select options that your device does not support in order not to confuse the end user.

You can change these options later at any time using Menu > Options > Advanced > Interaction types.

  1. Generate and activate a free license for your device.


With your Motioncube account, you can log in to Motioncube Player on multiple devices at the same time. All you have to do is generate a separate license for each device, and then purchase selected packages or applications for each license.

At any time, you can transfer an existing license (together with the applications assigned to it) to another device. Remember: license transfer is possible only within the same type of devices, e.g. between interactive floors or personal computers.

The licenses you generate and the devices you activate are credited to your Motioncube account. You can see them in your user profile.

  1. Set up PIN

The PIN code in Motioncube blocks access to changing settings for end users who will use the device.

  1. Set up your interactive floor.

If the device type is set to Interactive Floor, the Interactive Projection Wizard will be launched. Its detailed description can be found in Help for device designers > Motioncube Player > Configuration.