Interactive wall

The interactive wall mode was introduced to the Motioncube Player after the interactive floor mode reached a full maturity. Similarly to the interactive table mode, we noticed the usefulness of the developed technology when working and playing on a vertical surface, e.g. on a wall. By testing on the wall the current games developed for the interactive floor, we marked those games that are intuitive to use and work well when displayed on the wall.

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For a full presentation of the interactive wall mode, please visit the homepage under Solutions > Projection on the wall.

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Interaction via playing with balls is not yet available to users

The games using balls bouncing against the wall presented on the website and in our social media is not yet available in the production version of Motioncube Player.

We are working to make this form of interaction available to everyone as soon as possible.


  • The interactive wall mode in the Motioncube Player works according to the rules we have defined for the Interactive Projection environment (read more).
  • The wall mode is therefore practically compatible with the rules of working on the interactive floor.
  • The basic (and quite natural) way to control the wall is to use interactive pens and to use [body motion](/en/docs /device-creators/interactive-projection/control-methods/motion/) (in some cases, e.g. to prepare an interactive advertising wall, interaction only with movement will be a more practical solution than using both of these forms of control).
  • The other type of control that you can use on the wall is control from the mobile devices.

What do you need?

To prepare an interactive wall, you need the same elements as for the interactive floor, i.e.: (a) a computer with Windows 10 or newer, (b) a depth camera or infrared camera (seeing only infrared light), (c) a projector or other display (e.g. LED display) projecting an image on the wall surface.

For the camera and projector's guidelines, see the next pages (see table of contents).

Computer requirements are described in the Help for application designers in the section Working with the Player > Computer requirements.

How to start?

Familiarize yourself with the guides for the interactive floor - the information contained therein is fully useful also for the interactive wall.