Interactive table

The interactive table mode was officially introduced in version of Motioncube Player after the interactive floor mode reached a full maturity. We once noticed that it was enough to place the table under the projector with the configuration prepared for the interactive floor, and most of the functions and applications would work properly. We tested on the table the current applications for the floor. Those that were operated in a natural and friendly way on the tabletop were also marked for the table mode. Finally, we adapted Motioncube Player to show the applications we recommend depending on the selected mode of operation of the projection device.

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For a full presentation of the interactive table mode, please visit the homepage under Solutions > Projection on the table.

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  • Interactive table mode (table mode in short) in Motioncube Player works according to the rules we have defined for the Interactive projection environment (read more).
  • The table mode is therefore practically compatible with the rules of working on the interactive floor.
  • The basic (and quite natural) way to control on the table is to use IR pens and to use hand motion (in some cases, e.g. to activate people with dementia, interacting by movement may even have a higher priority than using interactive pens).
  • Other control method in applications that you can use on the table is control from mobile devices.
  • Playing with a remote-controlled vehicle is not recommended while working on a tabletop, but it is possible.

What do you need?

To prepare an interactive table, you need the same elements as for the interactive floor, i.e.: (a) a computer with Windows 10 or newer, (b) a depth camera or infrared camera (seeing only infrared light) (c) a projector or other display (e.g. LED display), projecting an image on the surface of the table.

See the next pages for camera and projector's guidelines (see table of contents).

Computer requirements are described in the Help for application designers in the section Working with the Player > Computer requirements.

How to start?

Read the guides for the interactive floor - the information contained therein is fully useful for the interactive table.