Interactive floor

The interactive floor mode is the core mode that has been developed in Motioncube. For several years this was the basic way of working supported by the software. This fact makes the interactive floor mode in Motioncube Player the most mature and has the most developed games and applications in the Motioncube App Store.

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See the full presentation on the interactive floor mode on the homepage under Solutions > Projection on the floor.

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Games in the App Store ...

The full list of apps working in the interactive floor mode can be found in the Motioncube Store by selecting the Interactive floor from Select a device from the list section .

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  • The interactive floor mode in the Player works according to the rules that we have defined for the Interactive projection environment (read more).
  • The primary (and most natural) way to interact with games on the floor is the body movement.
  • Other ways of playing the games that you can use on the floor (some of them require additional accessories) are using the IR pens, using a remote-controlled vehicle, and controlling from mobile devices.

What do you need?

To prepare an interactive floor, you need: (a) a computer with Windows 10 or newer, (b) a depth camera or infrared camera (seeing only infrared light), (c) a projector or another display (e.g. LED display), displaying the image on the floor.

See the next pages for the camera and projector's guidelines (see table of contents).

Computer requirements are described in the Help for application designers in the section Working with the Player > Computer requirements.

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