Remote controlled vehicles

The motion detection algorithms built into the Motioncube can effectively detect the location of vehicles moving on the projection surface such as remote-controlled toys or educational robots. Information about the location of such objects can later be used in interactive applications.

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A full description of this type of control can be found on the Motioncube homepage in the section Solutions > Control methods > RC Vehicle Tracking.

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The principle of operation simplified

  • The same techniques are used for vehicle motion detection as for motion interaction. No additional conditions are required for this type of interaction to work properly.
  • The module works correctly if the projection surface only has a remote-controlled vehicle. Other objects may interfere with vehicle detection and tracking, so it is not recommended that the user be on the projection surface.
  • The Motioncube does not communicate with or control the vehicle on the floor in any way. additional control controllers or mobile app may be required for control (depending on the type of vehicle used).


Due to the fact that the remote-controlled vehicle detection module uses motion detection algorithms built into the Motioncube, the technical and installation requirements are the same as for motion interaction.

Exact guidelines

A detailed list of requirements can be found in the tab Camera selection > Explanation of requirements > Detection remote-controlled vehicles.


  • Prepare the hardware configuration and working environment the same as for motion interaction.
  • If possible, test several different remote-controlled vehicles and choose the one that is best recognized by the Motioncube detection module.
  • Show users how to work with this type of interaction on the projection surface. Inform them that it is not advisable to step on the projection surface while the vehicle application is running.
  • Make sure that no other IR light (e.g. sunlight or CCTV camera illuminators) falls on the projection surface, as this may reduce the accuracy of vehicle detection.