The use of infrared (IR) illuminators is required to prepare the interactive floor when using classic 2D cameras (USB or CCTV). IR illuminators are not required for depth cameras.

When creating an interactive floor based on the Motioncube IR-Kit component, you do not need to plan to purchase an additional IR illuminator. Motioncube IR-Kit is equipped with IR lighting optimal for an interactive floor, with the possibility of programmable adjustment.

Intuitively, you can think of IR illuminators as a flashlight that makes it always bright for the camera, regardless of the time of day. The use of this light to illuminate the interactive floor is possible because human eyes do not see this light, and thus the light does not interfere with the use of the interactive floor by users.

There are two types of IR illuminators:

  • Illuminators integrated with the camera - this is usually the case with CCTV cameras.
  • External illuminators - required for use with USB cameras that do not have an integrated IR illuminator.

Criteria for selecting the right IR illuminator:

  • Choose an illuminator with 850nm diodes (in practice, all popular illuminators use this wavelength of light).
  • Look for illuminators with a wide beam angle (optimally 120 degrees or more) to evenly illuminate the interaction area.
  • If possible, choose illuminators with the option of turning on LEDs regardless of the intensity of external light. Some illuminators have a built-in twilight sensor that independently turns the LEDs on and off. In this type of illuminator, it is required to cover the twilight sensor independently, so that the light from the outside does not reach it. This may require the disassembly of the case, which is not always easy to do and could potentially affect your warranty or terms of use.