The General guidelines section on the Camera Selection > Requirements page mentions that for the interactive projection device to work properly, care must be taken to so that all elements (especially the camera) work in the infrared light range. To ensure this, it may be necessary to use appropriately selected optical filters that allow a specific band of light to pass through.

In simple terms, optical filters can be divided into two groups of filters due to their scope of use in interactive systems:

  • filters blocking visible light that pass infrared,
  • infrared blocking filters that let visible light through.

The first type of filter is required to ensure proper operation of interaction detectors (especially the motion detector and IR pens). The second type of filter can be useful to take advantage of Motioncube's automatic projection area calibration.

Both types of filters are supported by Motioncube IR-Kit. This hardware component has a module for switching the built-in infrared filters in the camera depending on what function is to be performed at the moment - interaction or automatic calibration.

Recommended filter models