IR pens

If you plan to prepare an interactive set with the ability to control the application with IR pens, you will need interactive pens that emit infrared (IR) light. These types of pens are used in old-type interactive whiteboards that work in IR technology. You can also find such pens online in experimental kits that use Wii motion controllers (Wii Remote) or other IR cameras. IR pens can be bought, of course, as a standalone product.

There are at least two types of IR pens you can use:

  • Short IR pens activated by pressure of the pen on the surface. Recommended for use by children who operate the game interface sitting on the floor or working on a tabletop.
  • Push-on long IR pens. Recommended for use by an adult, such as a teacher, or someone who is sitting on a chair or working in a full view of the floor area.


There are two types of IR pens available on the market - with 850nm or 940nm IR light range. Remember to choose the one that emits light that your camera will see.