The app is not reacting to the vehicle movement

  1. Make sure that the selected application is intended for operation with a moving robot. The app icon shall be with the word ROBOTS.

  2. Check if the vehicle moves smoothly on the board when controlling it from a dedicated application or remote control. Place the vehicle in the place indicated by the app (in the circle) and make sure that it is constantly detected while driving on the board (the circle should constantly follow the robot's track). If there is still a problem, go to step 3.

  3. Limit the amount of light hitting the projection area. You can improve camera detection of your robot by mounting reflective and coloured elements on your vehicle. If still there is a problem, go to step 4.

  4. Make sure that the LEDs on the device are red when the robot-controled app is running. The LEDs are located in the lower part of the housing, behind the tinted glass. If they are not on, turn off the device. Then, turn it on again. Launch the robot app and check the LEDs. If the LEDs do not light, contact a service technician.

  5. Try a different steered vehicle. Different vehicles can be detected by the camera to different degrees.