The app is not reacting to motion

  1. Make sure the selected app is suitable for motion interaction. The app icon shall have the word MOTION. Limit the amount of light in the room and restart the application, walk on the running board. The problem still exists? Go to step 2.

  2. Enable automatic camera calibration. You can find it in Player Settings > Advanced > Auto camera calibration. Follow the on-screen instructions. Restart the application and check its reaction to motion. If the problem still exists, go to step 3.

  3. Check that the LEDs on the device are red when the motion-controlled application is running. They are located in the lower part of the housing, behind the tinted glass. If they are not red, turn off the device. Then, turn it on again. Launch the motion-controlled app and check the LEDs. If the LEDs do not light red, contact a service technician. If the lights are red, but the elements in the application still don't respond to movement, go to step 4.

  4. Launch the motion-controlled application (with the word MOTION on the icon), pick up the IR pen and touch with it the moving elements on the board. If the elements do not react to the pen light as well (make sure that the IR pen is working properly), contact a service technician. If they do, reduce the amount of light in the room and repeat steps 1-2. Also see the help card - How to control the app with motion?.