What is Motioncube account for?

More fun for logged in users!

One Motioncube account is needed to log into your device. An account can be created (registered) on the device in Motioncube Player or on the website www.motioncube.io.

You can log out of your device at any time. Your purchased apps will still work on your device.

You need an Internet connection to register or sign in to Player on your device.

List of benefits for Motioncube users with the account:

  • It is used to log in to Player on the device to be able to use all the Player's features offered.

  • It lets you download free apps.

  • It allows you to try out the apps from the App store.

  • It enables convenient ordering or immediate purchase of new apps.

  • It shows information of the software license and purchased app collections.

  • It offers you to configure the newsletter according to your interests.

  • It lets you use the purchase codes for completing your orders.