How to use an interactive pen?

Hints for users

The IR light pen (interactive pen) is intended to be used in applications with PENS inscription on the app icon. Applications with a word PENS on the icon are operated with IR pens only.

Long IR pen - recommended for working while standing or sitting.

Short IR pen - recommended for working while sitting on the floor.

Principle of operation: after pressing the tip the pen (or the button on the pen, depending on the model), it shines with a bright light, which the application responds to. If the device's camera does not see the light, the application will not react.

Recommendations for using the IR light pen: put the tip of the pen on the floor without using force, do not cover the light of the pen with your body towards the camera / device.

In creative applications (drawing, writing with pens) you can use several IR pens on the board at the same time.

It is recommended to read the instructions in the application to learn how to use it correctly with the IR pen.

Helpful technical information

Depending on the app logic, some elements on the board may be blocked at a given moment, so they do not respond to the pen. Temporary blocking may be visible as the element grayed out, but it is not a rule.

Recommendations for the conditions of use:

  • lighting - excessive lighting can worsen motion detection,

  • the surface should be even, preferably smooth, uniform and light-coloured to increase the comfort of drawing and writing, and to reduce the risk of damage to the pen.

Motion-controlled applications can technically be operated with IR pens, but it is not recommended to use motion-controlled applications (with the word MOTION on the icon) in this way, because there is a risk of the IR pen damage due to the high dynamics of the play.

Changing the batteries - if the pen is not lights up after pressing the tip (or button), replace the batteries and check it again.

If the tip of the pen (or the button on the pen, depending on the model) does not respond to pressure with a gentle movement, the pen may be damaged.

When choosing a pen, pay attention to the frequency of lighting of the pens included in the original set.

In case of problems with the interaction of the pen in the application, see the help card: App not reacting to IR pen.