How to control the app with motion?

Hints for users


Applications with the word MOTION on the app icon are operated by body movement, by running, jumping, walking, touching, sliding, etc. on dynamic elements on the board or reacting to movement.

The intuitive way of moving around while playing with the application is appropriate for children and gives them a lot of fun. Just run or walk across the board to see how the app reacts to your movement.

The applications react to the movement of the person moving on the board, so if the person is standing still, the application will not react. The moving shadow of the person on the board also causes interaction on the board. The moving shadow effect can be used in a game in many ways.

The way and speed of your move affects the dynamics of the game. By moving more calmly or touching fewer elements, less movement is generated on the board. This can be used in play for various purposes.

It is recommended that you read the commands in the applications in order to interact with the application effectively and intentionally.

Helpful technical information

Several factors affect how an app responds to your movement:

  • lighting - excessive lighting in the room can worsen motion detection,

  • type of clothing - it happens that some materials are less noticeable by the camera, you can eliminate this factor, e.g. by making more voluminous moves or involving your hands to play,

  • way of moving on board elements - sometimes it is more effective to move over the entire element than over a small part of it.

Depending on the logic of the application, some elements on the board may be blocked at the moment, so they do not react to movement. A temporary blockage may appear grayed out, but this is not a rule.

For recurring interaction problems in motion-controlled applications, please refer to the help card: App not reacting to Motion.